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Rims, head rags and false Gold teeth do not make the man

Guess what Tocqueville said about Americans? He said the following: Americans ought to be “the most enlighten.” Each spends at least two thousand full days in the classroom before the age of eighteen.  But in spite of this Americans remain monumentally gullible, susceptible to the boldest trickery. J. K Galbraith points out; the producer of goods can now create demand, rather than merely responding to it. The large American corporations can, at least in part, control the full commercial circle, materials, production, and market. As a result, the free enterprise system no linger works, for the marketplace is not reacting to the real needs of consumers but to needs created by the producer.  The advertising industry rides on the public gullibility. Of course it depends on it.

 What defense is there to the constant bombarding by advertisers?  In Theodore Sizer’s book places for learning, places for joy, the words Crap Detectors appears. The suggestion is that a properly educated person has built in sensitive radar that can separate the pearls from the goo that inevitably envelops them. There are so many diversions in life. Chief among them is advertisement. An advertisement, in many instances paints a rosy picture, when the opposite is actually closer to the truth. However, since so many of us are ill-equipped to discern facts from fiction, little effort is needed to persuade us to spend our money and time in senseless and selfish ways.  It is said that a fool and water will go the way they are diverted.


Are our children getting the necessary education that will allow them to discern the pearls from the goo?  Will they have the ability to discriminate between what is right and wrong, good and bad or correct and incorrect?  A good education along with some Mother-wit (commonsense) is what is needed to insulate oneself from the unrelenting onslaught of advertisements-advertisements that guide the marketplace.  Advertisers will never change their approach to the consumer. They have figured out that the less educated are more apt to purchase items that are of less value than the educated.  That is why so much junk is pushed into our neighborhood.  Where are the Rent Rims shops?  Why do we buy so much junk? I will tell you why. Our children have been persuaded to want baggy, butt showing pants, false gold teeth, etc. Grownups have been persuaded to want toys that they cannot afford.  We have become a people of copycats. All we need to do is see it on BET a couple of times and we go into a “must have it mode.”   There is an old African Proverbs that says “Copying everybody else all the time, the monkey one day cut his own throat.” 

Mothers, fathers, we must convince our children that they must stop emulating every stupid dress, behavior and attitude that is displayed on TV. We must insist that they change.  It is said in Africa “if your son laughs when you scold him, you ought to cry, for you have lost him; if he cries, you may laugh for you have a worthy heir.”  We must take care of the parenting before we get involved in the friendship aspect of the relationship.

It is said that a fool is thirsty in the midst of water. The same applies to ignorance. Entirely too many of us are ignorant in the midst of education.  We refuse to drink from the education fountain. As a result we thirst for knowledge and the wisdom that comes with it.  Why are so many of us willing to wallow in the pig sties of ignorance when we are surrounded with so many possible ways out of them? It makes not sense at all. Someone said” sense to a fool, is like Mozart to a mule. It just does not register. 





January 27, 2006 - Posted by | Angry black youths, Black Youth, Educating black children

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