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The Doors Of The School Are Now Open

 As I sit here at my old trusty computer struggling to come up with an answer to the terrible condition many of our youth find themselves in educationally- my mind wanders back to yesteryear.  I remember sitting in the old wooden and uncomfortable pews in the Rock Mills, and Wehadkee Baptist Churches way back in the late forties during church services.  There was a ritual that was repeated each time service was held.  Opening hymnals were sung. Prayers were said and a sermon was preached. Let us not forget about the collection.  Just prior to the end of the service, the minister would say, “ The doors of the church are now open. Won’t you come and commit yourself to God and join the church.”  The entire church would be singing a very inspirational song that brought tears to many eyes. Many times the song was so touching a few Sisters would shout. The old Hymnal There is room at the top comes to mind.  The Pastor might remind the congregation that the salvation that they would get by joining the church was free and would not cost one red cent.  He might continue on and talk about a better life to be had if one would get on the train of salvation.  He would talk about the present time being the right time to join the church.  He impressed on you not to put it off because time waits on no one.  Finally, he painted a picture of a better life if only you partook of what the church had to offer.

Young folks, the doors of the schools are now open. Now is the time to get back on the train of education. Curtis Mayfield said” You don’t need a ticket, just get on board.”  James Brown coined a song that contained these words: I don’t want anybody giving me nothing, open up the door and I will get it myself. The doors of the schools are open wider than they have ever been. Remember, it was not been too long ago that the doors of some schools were closed to a segment of society.  As a matter of fact, if you go back a little further, you will find that at one time, the doors to all schools were closed to this same group.  Now that the doors of education are open, why don’t enter in to these halls of knowledge and take advantage what the schools have to offer?  Open the doors to your mind and let this thing called education flow in.

Enter into the cafés of education and feast on what is on the menu.  Satisfy your appetite for knowledge with ample helpings of reading, writing and arithmetic.  These are just the appetizers or better yet, the foundation-The footings on which all other forms of education depend on for support. Next come the main courses-Trigonometry, Chemistry, Calculus, English, literature, Geography and other advance courses.  The teachers are waiting to serve you. Just sit down at a table and enjoy your meals.

Today’s schools and the instructors within have something very important waiting for you.  They have much more to offer than those of years gone by.  Just go inside and get it. You need what the schools have to offer. It may not be what you want; however it is exactly what you need.  Many of you are finding out too late that life can be very hard without it. It is foolhardy to attempt to make it in today’s society without a proper education. Society demands it and will leave you mired in the pits of poverty if you are uneducated.  Here is a little more food for thought.  You may make it without an education, but where are you going to make it to? Are you going to make it to a life of gang banging, drugs, and thievery?  Are you going to make it to the streets, the jails or to the cemeteries? By the way, just making it is not enough. That is a survival mentality. You should aspire to achieve more out of life than mere survival. Life has much more to offer that mere survival.

Remember, you can never be certain what you may have been if only you had gotten an education. 

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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